Hi, my name is Melanie & I’m a connector.

I love connecting people around me so much that I will go out of my way to do it. This is something I do with my friends (friend-sharing), church friends & acquaintances (setting up group meetings), business colleagues (setting up networking events) and neighbors (referring them to other people I know).

When Small Act asked me to put together a webinar on connecting communities and setting up great events, I jumped at the chance. I’m not the type of person to keep things to myself. I’m always sharing information and trying to get others to use the knowledge I’ve acquired. Putting together networking events that are fun, friendly, and make you want to come back is my thing. Creating the perfect atmosphere by welcoming people, choosing comfortable venues and facilitating easy conversations is no simple thing, so I put together a presentation on how best to do it.

On June 22 I shared that presentation via Small Act’s webinar and was thrilled at the reactions of those in attendance. A huge thank you to all those who listened in. I’ve included my presentation below for your review.

Dave Saunders heard about what we were doing & posted a great blog post about it: Connecting Your Communities with Social Media

Another great resource I came across while putting this together was: How to Network

CONTEST:  In exchange for doing the webinar, Small Act gave Sisarina two licenses for their social media tool ‘Thrive’. After a quick tour of the software, I was hooked. They really know what they’re doing and although they’re working on a adding lot of great features, it’s already really useable & makes social media posting & tracking so much easier!

We’re going to be doing a contest to give away the other license of this software so check out my next blog post for information. We want to know more about how you use social media for your business.

Enjoy the Connect Your Community presentation thanks to Small Act!

Listen to the webinar & watch how it went live!

Connect Your Community from Ask Small Act on Vimeo.

Check out Small Act's blog post about the webinar.

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