Choose Your Own Adventures & Adulting

By Melanie Spring

What if life could be a Choose Your Own Adventure book?

“If you decide to join the space circus entertainers, turn to page 31. 
If you decide to throw your luck with the caravan, turn to page 34."
Choose Your Own Adventure books were so much fun when we were kids. We got to go whichever way we wanted. We could flip to that page and see what happened and then go back and change our minds. Who wouldn’t want to go with the space circus entertainers!? And then we all started adulting. 
Let’s go back for a minute and look at the ends of all of your life chapters. All those choices you’ve made. All those hard decisions, those things that happened to you, those painful memories. Wait, maybe not. Do you see regrets, frustrations, challenges, crushed dreams, lost relationships? I feel you. Completely. But what if all of those things were exactly what you needed to go through in order to be the awesomely kickass human you are now? 
What would happen if you just let go? Let go of all of it. What if you let go of who everyone thought you were or told you to be? What if you listened to yourself and started walking forward without worrying about the world? What if you made an impact so big it influenced generations after you were gone? What if you touched so many people they had to rent a stadium to host your funeral? What if you touched one person with your story and it changed the trajectory of their life? 
And what if you stayed exactly as you are right now and didn’t?
We humans were put here to make a difference. We weren’t put here to sit on our couches binge-watching TV shows, eating chips, and drinking sodas (think Pixar’s WALL-E). We weren’t put here to gain all the wealth, power, and influence so we could hold it over others (think evil nemesis in your favorite cartoon). We weren’t put here to take over the world (think Pinky & the Brain). We were put here to give back to the world. We were put here to make an impact. To start a little tiny ripple in someone’s life so it would create bigger ripples and turn into waves. We were put here to be significant to others.

Did you know that every one of us wants
to make a big impact? We all want significance.  

Like with most diets, we say we'll start tomorrow. We’ll start making that impact tomorrow because we don’t know exactly what we need to do. We don’t have all the tools. We don’t have someone to help us figure it out. We need to get therapy and work through our own stuff. We turn inward and focus on what’s wrong with us so we can “fix” ourselves. We’ll start tomorrow - and tomorrow never comes. Then we get to the end of our lives realizing we never did anything because we we spent all that time tuning out or focusing on what’s wrong with us. I’m positive if you’re reading this there’s NO WAY you want to end up like that.
Now YOU get to choose YOUR own adventure. You get to make the decision to go where you want from this moment forward. You get to quit the crap you're doing and start doing something that will make an impact. You get to stop focusing on yourself and focus on other people. I PROMISE it will help you grow as an adult, grow into your own skin, and grow your mind in ways you never thought possible.
Wherever you are right now, open Notepad on your phone or laptop or grab that Moleskine in your bag and start writing how you can help others. What’s the thing you were put here to do that gives back to other people? Write down a whole bunch of things - big things or little. Here’s a bunch of ideas:
  • carry someone’s groceries
  • get something off the top shelf for someone
  • write a thank you note
  • be someone’s chauffeur
  • give a stranger of compliment
  • smile and say hi to random people
  • buy a stranger's coffee
  • brighten someone’s day with flowers
  • turn off your phone and have a real conversation
  • volunteer at your favorite dog rescue
  • give someone a hand
  • help your mom with her gardening
  • help someone understand their technology
  • hold the door for someone
  • say please and thank you
  • give an anonymous donation
  • promote someone else’s fundraiser
  • sponsor a food drive
  • hug someone unexpectedly
As soon as you start helping others, you’ll start walking the path to finding your purpose. 
Are you going to choose the space circus entertainers or throw your luck to the caravan? It’s time to choose YOUR own adventure.
THIS is the reason we started the Adventures in Branding podcast. To help kickass humans find their magic and live it. The feedback we’ve received at this early stage of release has been incredible. Revelations, epiphanies, and badass names. Listen in on iTunes or subscribe to get it straight to your inbox. www.brandventurespodcast.com
How has it helped you? I’d LOVE to know. 

Melanie Spring
Chief Inspiration Officer
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