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Quit Facebook. (If it isn’t working for you.)

February 4, 2014
You can quit Facebook. Yep, that’s right. I said it. If you’ve given Facebook – or any other social media network – the good ol’ college try (meaning, you’ve set up a social media plan and tried several different approaches with READ MORE

What Custom Social Media Graphics Can Do For You

December 4, 2013
Who’s your favorite person or group to follow on Twitter, most interesting friend on Facebook, favorite YouTube personality? Chances are their profile is decked out with some custom, branded social media graphics.  But is there a reason using custom graphics READ MORE

Facebook 101: Sharing Mobile Photos to Facebook

November 25, 2013
Have you ever been to an event and thought, “I have to take a picture and post it to my business Facebook page, right now!”? You pull out your smartphone, take the most amazing picture that you know will captivate READ MORE

5 Steps To More Twitter Engagement

October 8, 2013
A few weeks ago, a friend sent me an instant message: "Hey Camie, how do I get more Twitter followers?" For those of us who've been avid social media users for some time, we understand there is more value in a small READ MORE

Twitter Anatomy: Favorites for Content Marketing

June 11, 2013
If you’ve ever wondered about the purpose of the star icon on Twitter, you’re not alone. Known as “favorites” in the Twitterverse, this is somewhat an elusive piece of the Twitter puzzle, even for some seasoned Twitter users.  According to READ MORE

10 Things to Tweet About

May 30, 2013
You’ve taken a huge leap and signed up for a Twitter account. You’ve started following clients, potential clients, connectors, and other industry contacts, and you’ve even branded your Twitter page with an avatar and header and background images. You’re putting READ MORE

Creating Customers Out Of Facebook Fans

May 10, 2013
Most brands using Facebook to advertise would love to convert every one of their fans into customers. But, even in the best-case scenario, a very small percentage of a brand’s Facebook fans make their way through the entire marketing funnel READ MORE

Twitter Anatomy: RT, MT, HT

May 3, 2013
You’ve got the Twitter basics down. Terminology like handle, hashtag and retweet are now a part of your vocabulary. But now that you’re spending more time on Twitter, you’re noticing odd abbreviations, like RT, MT, and HT. What the heck READ MORE

HOW TO: Tweet For Your Business

April 25, 2013
Over the past few weeks, I've seen some interactions on social media that have really bummed me out. If you're a regular on Twitter, I'm sure you've seen a similar exchange: one account makes a statement, one of their followers replies READ MORE

Why your employees should be on social media

March 26, 2013
We’ve all heard about it, that horror story of an employee publicly shaming their company on social media, an act that typical ends in a PR mess. As a result, many companies putting in place strict social media policies. While READ MORE

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