Personal Branding

Just be yourself. But not really.

February 14, 2017
Why being “Authentic” is bullshit “Just be yourself.” Sound familiar? How often are we told that we just have to be ourselves? From the time we’re little kids meeting new friends to adults getting new jobs, we’re told “just be yourself.” What does READ MORE

Hashtag That Sh*t

September 15, 2016
Nine-and-a-Half Things I Learned My First Year At A Brand Strategy Agency It’s been just over a year since I stepped into the role of the (#1est) Number Two at a company hanging up its Web Design hat and trying on READ MORE

The Horrendous Price of Not Being Yo’self

June 2, 2016
And what you can do about it.  One of the most competent badass professionals sat across from me, her eyes brimming with tears. Her exhaustion was palatable. You could just FEEL how long she had been pushing that rock uphill. “I’ve READ MORE

Choose Your Own Adventures & Adulting

May 26, 2016
What if life could be a Choose Your Own Adventure book? “If you decide to join the space circus entertainers, turn to page 31.  If you decide to throw your luck with the caravan, turn to page 34."   Choose Your Own Adventure books READ MORE

Sudbury #srlsy | Life Lessons from a Free-Range School

May 25, 2016
I just became a commuter. Those are words that I never thought I would ever say. My husband and I are smug city dwellers. We’ve called either The Hill (Capitol Hill, that is) or Brookland home for the 13 years we’ve READ MORE

Personal Brand: Show Up at Work Like You Give a Shit

May 9, 2016
  Overheard at Sisarina, “Griffin, your personal brand is bringing me down, dude.” Do you have a job? Do you go to it? How are you showing up there? Recently Melanie Spring told us all about “What’s Brand Got to Do With It,” READ MORE

Need A New Adventure?

April 25, 2016
Don't call it a dream. Call it a plan.   If we plan too much, we miss the fun of the adventure. If we don’t plan at all, we can end up missing the experience. When was the last time you just wandered a READ MORE

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