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Sisarina HQ Eastern Market: Sneak Preview

December 15, 2014
After a trip down memory lane at our Bethesda office and checking out our move to Eastern Market, it's time for a sneak peek at Sisarina HQ: DC. We've been working here for 2 weeks with our lovely neighbor, operation:eatery READ MORE

Sisarina on the Move to Eastern Market

December 5, 2014
After the trip down Memory Lane of our Bethesda Headquarters, we started packing. 5 years of accumulating things and tucking them away to keep the office tidy, there was a lot to pack up. We sold quite a few pieces, figured READ MORE

Sisarina HQ Bethesda: A Trip Down Memory Lane

December 1, 2014
Sisarina has moved. After 5 wonderful years of growth in Bethesda, we've decided we're more fit to be a DC in-the-city company. So, we moved to Capitol Hill and are now around the corner from Eastern Market. Today is our READ MORE

New Girl on the Block

July 23, 2014
Hey there! I'm Amanda. I’m extremely excited to join the Sisarina team as the new Executive & Marketing Assistant. A little tale about how I got here: On a rainy Wednesday morning last Winter, my college roommate and I split an Uber from READ MORE

Let's Make Business-to-Business Human-to-Human

June 5, 2014
Your brand isn’t what you’re saying, it’s what everyone else says about it. So, why did we stop talking to each other like we’re human?  In the 1950’s days of Mad Men, corporations had laborers and administrators. Think: General Mills. Employees would clock READ MORE

Happy 5th Birthday, Sisarina

April 1, 2014
Wow. 5 years. A 28-year-old gal by the name of Melanie Spring sat quietly at her 100-year-old desk in her cramped bedroom on her laptop with her snoozing puppy as she set up a web marketing company. She had no idea READ MORE

FOCUS. Take a lesson from Nature

March 20, 2014
Focus.  It's an essential element of success in business. Yet, by definition entrepreneurs are visionaries, innovators and endless fonts of creativity. Shiny ideas, brimming with possibilities can be hard to resist, especially for people who live for the big picture.  What's an READ MORE

Get into the Nitty Gritty with your Office Design

March 5, 2014
This is it! You're ready to step it up and live your brand through your office design. The problem is, you're having trouble seeing the forest through the trees. Yes, I know: it's tough to get started. There is a lot to READ MORE

Stop Talking Sh*t About Your Boss

March 3, 2014
Leadership is a huge topic of discussion among entrepreneurs and management. Being a good leader is what many of us strive for, but being the boss is hard work. It’s even harder when your team is talking sh*t about you READ MORE

Behold: The Power of Gratitude

February 25, 2014
When was the last time you said “thank you” to someone… and you really meant it? If you’re on the receiving end of that gratitude, you know how good it makes you feel when someone recognizes your efforts. But in the READ MORE

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