There is no joy in being hard on yourself

August 28, 2015
“Melanie, I want you to do something simple. Just run each day. No more than an hour. No less than 20 minutes. Just get out and run. No heart rate, just breathing and running. Rediscover the love. No journal. We'll talk READ MORE

What If I'm Successful?

August 5, 2015
Entrepreneurs are known for being risk-takers. We jump in with both feet knowing we could fail. And when we do fail, it doesn’t keep us from jumping in with both feet again. There is no fear of failure. Failure just READ MORE

Melanie Spring Inspires You to Dream Bigger

June 25, 2015
Our Chief Inspiration Officer Melanie Spring was featured by Mary Gardella of Mary Gardella Photography in her Empowered Stories after her portrait session. Mary Gardella is also one of Sisarina's long term brand strategy clients and we think she kicks ass. What follows was originally READ MORE

Create Your Own Definition of Success

April 24, 2015
Originally posted April 23, 2015 on Entrepreneur Success in business means something different to everyone. Hitting a specific amount in revenue, having a certain number of employees, owning a home, purchasing a dream car, having a certain amount of money in READ MORE

It's Time for You to Take Time Off

July 24, 2014
Taking time off is not easy when you run a business. There are always things on your to do list, people who need you, and your brain doesn't stop thinking about your business. Most business owners don't take real vacations or time READ MORE

Are You Letting Destiny Pass You By?

July 16, 2014
KISMET: a power that is believed to control what happens in the future; FATE Have you seen the 2001 movie Serendipity? The part where two strangers ride the elevators & will need to choose the same floor in order for the woman to know they're READ MORE

How An Imaginary Company Showcases the Power of the Logo

April 25, 2014
A well-designed logo can catch a potential client's eye, urging them to learn more. This happened to me recently.  After I wrote “Think You Can Skimp on a Logo? Think Again,” I had a few impassioned commenters state a logo was no READ MORE

FOCUS. Take a lesson from Nature

March 20, 2014
Focus.  It's an essential element of success in business. Yet, by definition entrepreneurs are visionaries, innovators and endless fonts of creativity. Shiny ideas, brimming with possibilities can be hard to resist, especially for people who live for the big picture.  What's an READ MORE

Behold: The Power of Gratitude

February 25, 2014
When was the last time you said “thank you” to someone… and you really meant it? If you’re on the receiving end of that gratitude, you know how good it makes you feel when someone recognizes your efforts. But in the READ MORE

Why Your Font is Your New Best Friend

February 14, 2014
Typography is powerful.  Since the dawn of written language, letterforms have changed and evolved in response to cultural changes and occurrences. Not only are letters singular building blocks for the function of understanding, they also evoke a feeling. They have personalities READ MORE

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