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Choose Your Own Adventures & Adulting

May 26, 2016
What if life could be a Choose Your Own Adventure book? “If you decide to join the space circus entertainers, turn to page 31.  If you decide to throw your luck with the caravan, turn to page 34."   Choose Your Own Adventure books READ MORE

The World Needs You

May 18, 2016
Become an Intrapreneur This guy I know is a certified Wiz Kid. He’s the gold standard by which all parents hold their own kids: ambitious,”wicked smaht,” and innovative. A former student of my dad’s at South Eugene High School, Lucas was READ MORE

Know Your Brand, Rock Your Crew

April 27, 2016
Lessons Learned Onboarding at Sisarina At a crew meeting in November, I looked across the table at Melanie in disbelief: “I can’t believe that I’ve been here six months already.” Considering I had started in September, Melanie looked me like I READ MORE

Need A New Adventure?

April 25, 2016
Don't call it a dream. Call it a plan.   If we plan too much, we miss the fun of the adventure. If we don’t plan at all, we can end up missing the experience. When was the last time you just wandered a READ MORE

Keep Manifesting That Shit

April 11, 2016
Even When Shit Gets Tough When we’re ready to manifest what we really want, we have to take the good with the seemingly bad. A client (we’ll call her Teri) recently came to me amped up about where her business was READ MORE

Nurturing Twitter

April 4, 2016
Can you explain Twitter to a second grader? Last week I had my laptop open on the counter. Multiple screens open, multiple browsers, several tabs: all blazing on various websites and platforms. Hunched over my laptop and squinting at the screen, READ MORE

Teams, Tribes, and Terrible People

March 9, 2016
Teams, Tribes, and Terrible People A chef I know is looking to move up in his career. He is deep in discovery mode and manifesting a big boost in his professional life that will grow into something awesome. Dear Lord, please grant READ MORE

Just Start

March 7, 2016
“The hardest part of any journey is taking that first step.” - Unknown   "JUST START." She said these words and looked at me with a coy smile. My friend Michelle and I were having coffee and I realized that she makes me READ MORE

Content Creation Confessions

March 2, 2016
What if no one cares?! SCENE 1 - 8:05pm Tuesday An entrepreneur sits in a cozy chair with her laptop busy clearing her inbox. She checks her to do lists and prepares to write. She takes a sip of wine and her brain quiets. Her READ MORE

Wear Your Awesome

February 24, 2016
… and shake it in their face. It’s time. I know you’ve been fighting it. I know you believe that if you work hard and stay focused, you’ll get that high-level promotion, that incredible client, that perfect employee, or that kickass READ MORE

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