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How Two Ski Bums Successfully Branded the Online-Outdoor Industry

January 9, 2014
Originally posted on What do you get when you put two ski bums in a Park City, Utah apartment with the internet in 1996? - the first website to buy outdoor recreational equipment. When the site first launched, friends and co-founders John READ MORE

Leave It to the Dogs to Build an International Brand

January 2, 2014
Originally posted on Quite often, dog owners encounter the same issue: The toy problem. They shell out a lot of money on the newest and latest toys, only for their pooches to quickly deem them useless -- either due to READ MORE

Want a Brand That Lives? Put Some Heart Into It

December 19, 2013
Originally posted on Somewhere between getting his design degree and working non stop, Denver resident Jonathon Stalls found an aching hole inside of himself. He knew there was more to life than an unfulfilled job that put food on the READ MORE

How an Accidental Entrepreneur Built a Brand of Success

December 16, 2013
Originally posted on  The following is the seventh in the series "Live Your Brand" in which branding expert Melanie Spring takes us along on her three-week road trip across the country to meet innovative entrepreneurs whose experiences offer lessons learned to businesses READ MORE

How to Set Your Brand Up for Success

December 5, 2013
Originally posted on Madison, Wisc., a sizeable city in the Midwest, can seem quiet and unassuming to the average outsider. A peaceful, family-focused city, Madison is the capitol to a state with more than 76,000 farms. Thanks to the number of READ MORE

What Your Brand Can Learn From a Waterbed Company for Cows -- Yes, Cows

November 27, 2013
Originally posted on Image Credit: There isn’t another person on earth who knows more about cow comfort than Amy Throndsen and she’s not afraid to share her knowledge. Admittedly, cow comfort is unlikely to come up in conversation unless you’re READ MORE

How to Design Your Way into Customers' Hearts

November 21, 2013
Originally posted on Landscape architect, Ernest “Ernie” Wong, is the son of Chinese immigrant and well-known Chicago building architect, Y.C. Wong. With a father of such prominence in a city known for its architecture, Ernie was uninspired to figure out READ MORE

Why Happy Employees Are Your Key to Successful Branding

November 14, 2013
Originally posted on Next time you’re in Pittsburgh, make your way over to the Strip District. This once gritty factory area is now filled with eclectic shops, ethnic food stores and the smell of freshly made doughnuts. Follow your nose READ MORE

Chobani's Secret to Making Customers Feel Like Family

November 7, 2013
Originally posted on  In 2005, Hamdi Ulukaya noticed a classified ad for a yogurt plant in Upstate New York that was recently shut down by Kraft. At first, he threw the ad away, then had a gut feeling and decided READ MORE

Live Your Brand Tour: Entrepreneurs Across the U.S. Take Us for a Spin

October 31, 2013
Originally posted on  In November 2012, I moved out of my home, said good-bye to my dogs, coworkers and friends and drove away. I’d spent the previous four years as many entrepreneurs do: nose to the grindstone, head under water, READ MORE

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