Being an Entrepreneur

The World Needs You

May 18, 2016
Become an Intrapreneur This guy I know is a certified Wiz Kid. He’s the gold standard by which all parents hold their own kids: ambitious,”wicked smaht,” and innovative. A former student of my dad’s at South Eugene High School, Lucas was READ MORE

Keep Manifesting That Shit

April 11, 2016
Even When Shit Gets Tough When we’re ready to manifest what we really want, we have to take the good with the seemingly bad. A client (we’ll call her Teri) recently came to me amped up about where her business was READ MORE

We Rocked Your Revenue

March 21, 2016
...and You Rocked Your Business It’s not about the content that makes the magic happen at Unplugged —  even though there is plenty of amazing content — it is about the context. If you’re out there, hustling your project as an entrepreneur, READ MORE

Teams, Tribes, and Terrible People

March 9, 2016
Teams, Tribes, and Terrible People A chef I know is looking to move up in his career. He is deep in discovery mode and manifesting a big boost in his professional life that will grow into something awesome. Dear Lord, please grant READ MORE

The Siren Song of Clutter

February 29, 2016
The world of business is fraught with indecision. Your path is a long series of educated guesses followed by agonizing second guesses about whether or not you did the right thing. If business is a big part of your life — READ MORE

Wear Your Awesome

February 24, 2016
… and shake it in their face. It’s time. I know you’ve been fighting it. I know you believe that if you work hard and stay focused, you’ll get that high-level promotion, that incredible client, that perfect employee, or that kickass READ MORE

Get Out Of Your Way

February 10, 2016
Are you your own Fear Monster? Entrepreneurs are known for being hardworking, driven individuals. Most have charisma and an unparalleled tenacity for getting things done. They hustle, put in long hours, and rock their brand because it’s their job. They live, READ MORE

Competition? What Competition?

November 3, 2015
Sunday at 8am in the cold rain, I hit the track for the first time in my running career. My trainer showed up with a woman with three Ironman's under her belt just this year. She was the hare, I was the hound. READ MORE

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