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Stop Talking Sh*t About Your Boss

March 3, 2014
Leadership is a huge topic of discussion among entrepreneurs and management. Being a good leader is what many of us strive for, but being the boss is hard work. It’s even harder when your team is talking sh*t about you READ MORE

Your Slip is Showing! 4 Ways to Tuck It Back In

February 18, 2014
Self-respecting entrepreneurs are the backbone of this country. They know who they are, what they're doing, and where they're going. But entrepreneurs are human, too.  For almost 5 years, I've had my nose to the ground working a ton of hours READ MORE

You Die. What Happens to Your Business?

January 27, 2014
What will happen to your company if you die? While meeting recently, a local six-year-old company with three partners told me they had been grossing $150,000. That's about $25,000 per person after expenses. Ouch! They had never written out their goals READ MORE

2014: The Year of Accountability Begins

January 8, 2014
As you heard in my previous post about 2013, Sisarina has had a word to focus on the whole year over the last few years. Everything we do goes back to that yearly word. 2011: Intentionality 2012: Leadership 2013: Processes 2014: Accountability In 2014, Sisarina will work READ MORE

Stop Doing Everything. Hire Someone.

May 28, 2013
Entrepreneurs are hard working people. The experts say that entrepreneurs aren't always the most educated, but we work the hardest. And we know how to hire those smarter than us to do the work we can't. We don't know that we READ MORE

Do You Have the Right Seats?

May 23, 2013
You've got the right people on your bus now. But do you have them in the right seats? Great entrepreneurs hire experts. We are meant to be leaders outside of our business while we hire people to take care of everything inside READ MORE

The Art of Delegation

February 28, 2013
You're a rockin' employee kicking butt for a great company. You're an entrepreneur taking over the world growing your business. You're an executive leading a team of leaders who lead teams. Whatever your position, your job is to focus on READ MORE

11 Insights Into Being a Good Boss

January 15, 2013
Are You a Good Boss? About 5 years ago, my sister had a baby. She read books, blogs, and met with professionals. She knew a ton about being a parent before Jack was ever born. During the process, my mother mentioned READ MORE

Become an Authority on the Internet

July 10, 2012
by Cameron Tyler, Technected Thought leaders are known for their opinions, innovative ideas and knowledge about their industry -- and are rewarded for their status through social media acclaim, speaking opportunities and business referrals. To become a thought leader, you must READ MORE

Starting on the Road to Excellence

June 5, 2012
by Teresa Thomas How do we become the best at what we do? How do we make sure that everything we touch is better for having been in our hands? These are questions we’re asking ourselves here at Sisarina HQ as we READ MORE

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