Why Psychology mattersWhen small businesses think about marketing, it’s not unusual for them to get consumed by analytics, whether it is the number of followers and fans or the number of unique visitors on a web site. Yet, rarely does psychology factor into the equation.

At Sisarina, we pride ourselves on being both small and resourceful. Our small staff ensures that every customer interaction is personable and dynamic. When we meet with clients, we ask questions about them, their company, and try to understand who they are. We also listen. We pay attention to their enthusiasm, the adjectives they use, and their body language. We also try to understand their needs as a user: how do they use the web and social media? How do they make decisions about where to shop and what to buy?

The information we gather from a simple client meeting can lead to an intricate understanding of how to appropriately design a website, write copy and strategize a marketing campaign.

Basic web analytics help, of course, but they don’t tell as much of a story as asking questions, listening and observing do. Sisarina also strives to empower our clients so that they can improve the way they talk about their company and their brand, as well as the way they interact with consumers.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time focused on the bottom line. At Sisarina, we ask them to think about how their business makes them feel and how they want their customers to feel when engaging with their brand. As you can imagine, this can be an inspiring moment for many.

We believe that analytics and spreadsheets can only go so far. Because clients can be involved with many decisions during the design and marketing process, psychology matters. From color to keywords, being able to articulate its emotional impact can help guide the process in the right direction. It is our goal to ask the right questions so that we can help you market your business and brand so that it resonates positively with consumers.

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