Brain Oozing = Creativity

By Melanie Spring

Hey you. Yeah, you. I see you.

You there with the laptop and earbuds. Every day you’re hustling. Cranking out your projects. Looking for your next client. Checking numbers. Hiring. Writing that blog post. Working on your next workshop. Getting shit done. I see you. I know you. I am you.
And I have to say it because you won’t: Your work is suffering. Your brain is suffering. Your creativity is suffering. Your client work is suffering. You are suffering. And you seem to enjoy it, you masochistic weirdo. 
We entrepreneurs are some of the hardest working humans on earth. We get up early and crank. We take a break for happy hour to pretend we still have friends and then go back to work afterward. We forget what time it is and fall into bed exhausted only to wake up and do it all over again.
We wear our busy like a badge of honor. We give our employees time off, but we don’t really understand how they can shut off and enjoy it. We are excited about a rare weekend away but worry about work the whole time. I TOTALLY GET IT. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 
I recently wrote a post about living a beautiful life, living in joy, and only allowing yourself to suffer for 90 seconds before moving on. But we all sit in our busy lives suffering because we’re not giving ourselves space to let our brains ooze. 
Ask yourself: When was the last time you took a REAL vacation? No phone calls, no emails, no work. Just vacation. Where you sat on the beach with an umbrella drink, walked cobblestone streets, wandered through old churches, hiked mountains, slept in a tent, made funny faces at animals, and took photos that had nothing to do with marketing. Where you posted deliciously fun things on Instagram just because it was fun.
Sisarina turns 7 in April and as I look back over the years, I see all the adventures I’ve had. Trips around the world, roadtrips across the country, cruises - how blessed am I! Most entrepreneurs spend years working in their business, not taking the time for themselves. Many times my coworkers have changed my passwords to my email so I can really shut off and get creative. These adventures have helped me stay focused and even allow me to refocus. It’s the badge I want to wear and I want to pass on to other entrepreneurs.
So, the last week of March 2016, Sisarina is going into Spring Break mode. We’re treating the Easter holiday like Christmas and shutting down. Our clients know the plan, our projects are caught up or will be hold for the moment, and following our processes this week to make sure everything is covered so we can let our own brains ooze. Because we’re creatives - and the only way we can stay creative is by shutting off for a bit.
Be jealous, or go take your own Spring Break, it’s really up to you. Look at your calendar - when can you shut off and let your brain ooze? Even if you think you can’t afford to, you owe it to yourself, your employees and your clients.