As a Business, You Want Stalkers

By Melanie Spring


"As a business, you want stalkers. You want them to help share your brand." - Melanie Spring

New Orleans in the Fall is a beautiful place. It has been even more beautiful because I was asked to fly there to speak for the American Marketing Association's Annual Conference. With a room filled with marketing professionals from all sorts of backgrounds, businesses, and styles, it was my pleasure to chat with them about Content Marketing during their pre-conference tutorial session called Rock Your Content.

While I was sharing tips for how to show off about their brands in new ways while making sure not to add more crap to their to do list, I found myself challenging them to find stalkers. Sisarina has stalkers - why shouldn't every business? 

When I say stalkers, I really mean raving fans. Your business needs people talking about your brand in ways that even you won't. They can talk incessantly about you when you would look like you're full of yourself. Their eyes light up when they read a tweet from you. They love seeing your newsletter and want to share it with everyone else. They know you are the expert and want to be you when they grow up. 

But in order for them to say the right things about you, you have to make sure YOU know your brand. You have to know: 

  1. What it is you REALLY do.
    BMW makes cars, but they REALLY make the Ultimate Driving Machine. What is the club you want your customers to be a part of?
  2. Why you're different.
    Your competition can't say the same thing & I'll let you in on a secret - it's not because of your customer service or years in business. What makes you stand apart?
  3. The feeling you evoke.
    Your customers have to feel something in order to buy from you. They don't buy because of how they think, they buy by what they feel. What is the emotional connection you make?
  4. Your humanity.
    You're a human talking to humans. It's not business-to-business or business-to-consumer, it's human-to-human. How can you make conversation with them?

The presentation slides I used for the conference are uploaded on Slideshare or available here. Although you can't hear my voice or see me jump around waving my hands, you'll get a good sense of what I did share. 

When it's all over, rock your content. It's the best way to make sure everyone is saying what you need. And be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn.

Happy rocking!