5 Ways to Rock 2015

By Melanie Spring

2015 is going to be a great year. Why?
Because 2014 sucked.

2014 was the year of the Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster. It was an epic 'coaster many of us couldn't stop. Every time we entrepreneurs got together, we were talking about the ups and downs, the sharp turns, and those crazy upside-down flips. Although many of us have been on this ride for years, we didn't always see the turns coming. With our hair standing up and our clothes in shambles, we walked out of 2014 with a different perspective than we walked into it. 

Although not everyone had a hard year in 2014, even the ones who said it was fantastic also said it was an odd one. The economy was off, the government still whack-a-doodle, people changed their buying habits, and the business world changed moment-by-moment. 

2014 was my year of transition. A year I learned more about the human condition, where clarity can be found, what I don't want to be doing, and my purpose in life. With almost 6 years of entrepreneurship under my belt, I can see more clearly what the path ahead looks like for me and my business. What I had been doing up until now, I have no idea - but I do know where I want to be at the end of 2015.

5 Ways to Rock 2015:

  1. Remember the reason you started your business.
    Go back to the beginning and remember that moment of inspiration that caused you to say "no more corporate! I'm doing this thing." and then go back to doing what you planned to do in the first place. 
  2. Find your creative space.
    Even the most uncreative people have to be creative with their businesses. Does a coffee shop get you writing down big ideas? Does a run around your neighborhood get your creative juices flowing? Find the place that makes you think bigger and go to it often.
  3. Create an office space that inspires you.
    The gray walls and leftover desks of the office before you cannot possibly be inspiring. The guest bed next to your desk at your home office has to be distracting. Get some paint, add some flavor, and create a space that will inspire you to do big things. It doesn't cost much but it will ensure you make more money this year.
  4. Only work with people you would be friends with.
    I'm not saying you have to be friends with your coworkers or advisors. BUT your employees, strategists, and subcontractors have to fit your brand and your brand has to fit you. So, why wouldn't you work with people who you would want to be friends with?
  5. Have a plan for the new year.
    Not one that's in your head, but a written-out plan for every step you're going to take. This includes goals, budgets, marketing details, where you'll end up, every little detail. Then take a deep breath and realize that things will change. And everything will be ok.

I learned a lot in 2014. A lot more than my heart wants to admit. But it has taught me that I'm more resilient than I ever imagined. It showed me just how much ass I have the ability to kick in 2015.

What are you taking from 2014 into the new year?