2014: The Year of Accountability Begins

As you heard in my previous post about 2013, Sisarina has had a word to focus on the whole year over the last few years. Everything we do goes back to that yearly word.

  • 2011: Intentionality
  • 2012: Leadership
  • 2013: Processes
  • 2014: Accountability

In 2014, Sisarina will work on being more accountable to each other, to ourselves, and to our clients.

Why Accountability?

I have a confession: I was never trained to be a manager. And I'm not a great one. I run a fantastic company with solid core values, an exciting brand image, and a hilarious culture. I'll be remembered for being a damn good Boss Lady who takes care of my team, but never because I was good at managing people. That's why I hired smart people who rock their jobs.

As Sisarina keeps growing, I find myself getting asked more questions because we have more team members and more clients. I also find myself wanting more time away from running the business to focus on marketing, speaking, and writing. Getting away allows me to be more creative, gives me time to focus on growing both Sisarina and myself, and also allows me to inspire others. As the Chief Inspiration Officer, my job is to inspire others to dream bigger, but...

...if I'm not inspired,
how can I inspire others?

This team of experts we've built over the last (almost) 5 years is comprised of self-managed, hardworking overachievers. They're adults. They don't need to be managed. This is the perfect moment for me to let go of my manager hat and let them rock the world.

It's time to hold myself accountable for how I spend my time. It's time for my team to hold each other accountable for the excellence we're pursuing. It's time to show our clients how serious we are about being their incredible external marketing department.

Thus, the year of accountability. 

... to each other

  • Each us will be assigned a coworker as an accountability mentor each quarter. 
  • This mentor will meet with them for 30 minutes weekly to set goals for the week & review goals from the previous week.
  • At the end of each quarter, this mentor will give them a review for how they did.
  • Every person in the company is a mentor and a mentee at the same time and there is no heirarchy with age, position, or pay.
  • The quarterly review will be part of the mentee's incentive plan.
  • GOAL: for the mentor to learn management skills while supporting a coworker

...to ourselves
Each of us will set goals for ourselves for:

  • managing our time
  • where we want to be in our job by the end of the year
  • client projects
  • Sisarina projects
  • taking a class or course
  • giving a class or course
  • social media stuffs
  • writing blog posts based on our expertise for Sisarina.com
  • Sisarina's growth and our part in it
  • where we want to be in life personally and professionally

...to our clients
Every project will finish with a Tombstone. This is a final review of a project that has been completed and how it went. This is taken from the client's perspective, the team as a whole and individually. 

  • How did the project go overall?
  • How did each person manage their portion of the project?
  • Did we work well as a team?
  • What did the client say in their final project survey?
  • Was this a client we would take on again?
  • Did the client fit our Red Velvet Rope Policy?
  • What could we have done better?
  • What do we need to add to our processes to make the next one easier?
  • Was the project profitable?
  • Was the project done on time? 

How to Create Accountability
Some of the ways we're creating accountability this year are things you may be doing already. Some are things we've been doing up to this point but we're changing how we do them. 

  1. Set up a daily team huddle & review goals for the day.
  2. Start using "Unless I Hear Differently".
  3. Get your whole team's input on your business goals for the year.
  4. Block off time on your calendar for focus time.
  5. Set up a No Talking Tuesday (or similar). 
  6. Allow your team to set goals for themselves.
  7. Review all goals together as a team quarterly.
  8. Assign mentors to each team member quarterly.
  9. Adjust as necessary. Every company is different & things change.

We have already forecasted that 2014 will be the year Sisarina takes wing and flies. We're ready for it after the Year of Processes, but we still have a lot to learn about where we're going. It's the Year of Accountability and we're psyched to share how it's going as we move through it.

How will you hold yourself & your business accountable this year?