10 Things to Tweet About

You’ve taken a huge leap and signed up for a Twitter account. You’ve started following clients, potential clients, connectors, and other industry contacts, and you’ve even branded your Twitter page with an avatar and header and background images. You’re putting the final touches on your social media strategy and are opening up your Twitter account to start sending Tweets.

Then you realize: you don’t know what to tweet about.

You could tweet all day about your company, but you’ve heard of the Social Media Rule of Thirds, so you know to have a happy and engaged following, you can’t do that.

If you’re stuck in a tweeting rut, we’ve come up with 10 things to tweet about to help you on your way.

  1. Articles You’re Reading: Many of us are online, reading articles at any point throughout the day. Come across an article that is relevant to your industry or that your followers could find useful? Go ahead, tweet it!
  2. Industry News: Breaking news in your industry? Tweet about it and include your own thoughts and a relevant hashtag.
  3. Tips: At Sisarina, we always find ourselves giving our clients tips on branding, social media, content, and more. We often tweet these out since if one person finds the suggestion useful, chances are, others will too. Next time you give someone a tip or advice, tweet it!
  4. Inspiration: Find something inspiring? Share it with your followers.
  5. Retweet some awesome and relevant content: You follow some great people who share really cool content: retweet it to share it with your followers. Extra bonus: you may make a connection with someone you’re following and get a new follower.
  6. Statistics about your industry: This one is pretty simple. Read a neat statistic? Share it.
  7. Answer questions: See someone in your Twitter feed looking for help? Give ‘em a hand.
  8. Photos: Obviously, if you see something neat, it might be worth tweeting about. At HQ, we often tweet out photos of us at work, making silly faces, or helping our clients.
  9. Your Clients: This can apply to any thing that your clients are up to. Did they launch an awesome project or have they stopped by your office? Pimp ‘em out on Twitter.
  10. A simple good morning or question: Twitter is like mingling at a party. What do you do when you walk up to someone? You often ask them a question. The same idea applies on Twitter.

So, next time you’re spinning your wheels on the Twitters, refer back to this list to help you get moving again.

Have another go-to Tweet when you have nothing else to say? Share it with us!