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Because even our hiring process is quirky.

If you haven't yet, make sure to read what we're looking for. We love hearing about great people but have specific needs (unless you work for free - interns are ALWAYS welcome).

Whatever you do, please do NOT send us a cover letter & resume. We're not a traditional company and would fall asleep reading your traditional stuff. This won't take much time but if you really want the job, take the 15 minutes and send us:

  1. the reason why you are perfect for the job
  2. the experience you have pertaining to the job
  3. what you offer our office vibe
  4. what your super power is (not the secret ones - we don't have clearance for that)

Get creative. Show up & show off.

Written, doodled, video, and imagery are all acceptable. But be clear. If video, upload a text document with a link to your YouTube or Vimeo video. If you send us a cover letter and/or resume, we'll snicker behind your back. Just don't. So... apply already!


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