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A Podcast for the Driven

The Adventures in Branding podcast is here to inspire you to find your brand magic. From business brand to personal brand, these Clusters of Awesomeness will inspire you (through fun banter) about the good, the bad, and the ugly of branding. Get ready to make the impact you were born to rock. 

Follow me, Melanie Spring, and my collection of hardcore co-hosts around the world as we share our experiences on the road of branding. The twists, the turns & everything in between - building businesses and living the adventures.

Add to that the HERadventures Clusters of Awesomeness as Mary Gardella & I hit the road to have conversations about women's empowerment.

This is the podcast for kickass humans who crave change, push limits, and light fires. Melanie is your Chief Inspiration Officer & it’s her job to spark the magic.


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"If you are looking for encouragement, inspiration and laughter to help you through your rebranding stage, then look no further. Do yourself a huge favor and subscribe to this podcast and listen to it every week. I may be a "nobody" to most, but listening to these podcasts made me a "somebody" to me." - Holly Seales

"This podcast is full of energy and excitement and will inspire you to do what you love and share it with the world in a way that's unique to you." - Lisa

"A necessary supplement to everyday life. Positive, encouraging, smart! The perfect motivating podcast that supplements an otherwise cluttered day." - Mr. Seabolt

"Manifesting the Amazing in Me! Empowering, unique leadership, proponate of owning who you are, and finding the perfect niche for you in this world. Don't conform to be like someone else. I get so pumped each week when another episode is in my feed to listen, to learn, to live out my gutsy! We can do this friends." - Mobuki

"If you are feeling lost and looking for help finding your way, I would highly recommend you listen to this podcast. With Melanie's fun-loving and positive nature, you can't help but feel inspired every time you hear her. What are you waiting for??? Start listening now!!! You won't regret it." - Sassygrl88

"Woo! Do the thing!" - Cranmin & Jammin

"SO. Much. YES. I love this podcast. And I'm not just saying that -- it's fun, fresh, and I always get a cool takeaway when I listen. Truly a great way to spend 30 minutes of your day. I wish I could be on Melanie's team." - morecoffeeplz

"I first met Melanie as a guest speaker at a conference I attended. Her energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life is contagious! I immediately was enamored by her journey and passion to assist others in finding theirs. If you aren't fortunate enough to see Melanie speak in person, this podcast is second to none! Thank you, Melanie, for taking the leap to communicate your message to the podcast world! Keep on being you, girl!" - Katie

Adventures in Branding Podcast Episodes

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Cluster of Awesomeness #2 - The Sisarina Crew

1: Finding Your Brand Magic - The lies of bootstrapping, scrappiness, and entry-level - 6/15/2016 In this episode, you’ll get a conversation about branding, what brand is and how you can find your own in your personal AND professional life. We promise you’ll want to come hang at Sisarina HQ with us Listen here
In this episode, you’ll find out what keeps Cheney ticking, how she figured out her personal brand AND the grossest thing she (and I) have ever eaten. Listen here
3: Stop Being Embarrassed About Who You Are - an interview with Isang Udokwere - 6/29/2016 In this episode, you’ll find out how to embrace your inner nerd and find a place to work that fits you instead of just a job.
4: I'm Coming Out - an interview with Rebecca Gunter - 7/6/2016
In this episode, you’ll get the inspiration to be yourself, no matter what other people are trying push on you. Plus, you’ll find out why I love Rebecca so darn much.
5: ‘Shoulding’ on Yourself and Other Crimes Against Humanity - 7/13/2016
In this episode, you’ll get the inside scoop on what Melanie’s friends are saying about her, and how she makes her mom proud. Plus, you’ll hear firsthand just how awesome a Boss Lady can be -- especially when her name is Melanie Spring!
More to come...


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