The Magic of Sisarina

We're a brand strategy agency with purpose.

Sisarina sprinkles our brand magic on companies to grow, expand or evolve their brands and define their purpose.

When was the last time your heart sang? Our hearts sing every time we point a company toward its purpose. We don't need to fix our clients, we want to be a part of their growth. Founded by Boss Lady, Melanie Spring, Sisarina knows what it feels like to search for purpose. We started as a web design agency, moved into digital marketing, and found our hearts singing when we settled on brand strategy. And dang, it shows in every touchpoint of what we do.

In order to rock your brand, you have to define it. That’s why every single project starts with our Define Your Brand Workshop. It lays the foundation for building a Brand Book and any other bits of magic moving forward. Otherwise, it would be like putting icing on a non-existent cake: still delicious, but doomed to remain a gooey, blobby mess. Your brand deserves to be a towering, 13-layered masterpiece and we’re here to help.

We know that it’s all about the humans – from our clients to our crew. Sisarina is team of skillful, quirky superheroes who show off their superpowers on a daily basis. We want to do big things with the best people, and we inspire our clients to do the same. Kickass Visionaries on a Quest for Amazingness: The Sisarina Story.

Join the adventure and become part of our purpose.



Welcome to our Capitol Hill HQ

Step into a beautiful rowhouse with big windows and a cozy turret, where bright pops of color complement large desks made of antique doors. You see smiling humans working on the next big idea. You hear warm laughter and strains of Duke Ellington playing. A small, white fluffball runs to greet you and a scruffy terrier isn't far behind. You set down your bags and settle into a comfy armchair with your laptop. Someone hands you a piping hot cup of coffee. You feel at home. Welcome to Sisarina HQ.

We're located on Capitol Hill in Washington DC at 801 A St SE -- right around the corner from Eastern Market. Our rowhouse has two workspaces, gorgeous sunlight, and the coolest bunch of coworkers around. Come and see us sometime.


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